IMF Board: Crypto Shouldn’t Be Legal Tender, But Bans Not Ruled Out

• The IMF’s Executive Board stated that cryptocurrency should not be granted legal tender status in order to safeguard monetary sovereignty and stability. • The Board acknowledged that strict bans may not be ideal, but targeted restrictions could apply to limit crypto risks. • The IMF has previously expressed concern that crypto could be used […]

TRU Token Rallies Over 200%, But What’s Behind the Speculation?

• TrueFi’s TRU token surged over 200% after Binance’s TUSD mint sparked speculation. • The speculation appears to be misplaced as the issuers of TrueUSD and TRU were separated in 2020. • TrueFi is in the process of transferring its IP and assets to the TrueFi Foundation, a legal entity. TrueFi’s TRU Token Rallies Over […]

Kraken to Pay $30M & End US Crypto-Staking Amid SEC Charges

• The SEC has reached an agreement with Kraken to shut down their crypto staking service for US customers and pay $30 million to settle Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges. • Kraken’s staking service offered a 20% APY, promising to send customers staking rewards twice per week. • This settlement comes after Coinbase CEO […]

Coinbase Shares Soar on Fed Decision, Crypto-Related Stocks Rally

• Coinbase (COIN) shares jumped more than 20% after the latest Fed rate hike decision and dismissal of a class-action lawsuit. • Crypto-related stocks are rallying, with MicroStrategy (MSTR) up 10% and Silvergate Capital (SI) soaring 30%. • Barclays said Coinbase volumes rose 56% in January from the previous month, near levels seen before FTX’s […]