NFTs No More: Meta Platforms Ends Support, AI’s Impact on Web3

• Meta Platforms ended its support for NFTs, which could affect Web3 creators. • Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be used in Web3 and we explored the intellectual property (IP) rights of AI-created works. • Yuga Labs‘ new CEO will make his first public appearance since assuming the position. Meta Platforms Ends Supports for NFTs […]

Bitcoin’s On-Chain Metrics: Why It’s a Store of Value

• This article evaluates whether Bitcoin can be used as a store of value (SoV). • On-chain metrics such as realized capitalization and holding trends demonstrate that there is belief in bitcoin as an SoV. • Despite its price volatility, BTC exhibits qualities of sound money including durability, portability, scarcity, uniformity, and divisibility. Evaluating Bitcoin […]

Altcoins Slump Following Bitcoin Weakness; Over $100M Liquidated

• Bitcoin fell Thursday due to multiple catalysts that caused selling pressure. • Tokens of major blockchains such as solana (SOL) and matic (MATIC) dropped 6% while Uniswap’s UNI and Avalanche’s AVAX fell 4%. • AI-focused tokens The Graph (GRT) and SingularityAI (AGIX) fell 8%, while gaming-focused ImmutableX (IMX) dropped over 12%. Crypto Markets See […]