How to change margins in OpenOffice Writer

It’s very easy to alter margins within OpenOffice Writer. In this article, you’ll discover three ways to adjust the margins in Open Office. Also, you’ll learn the method of setting your personal margins to the default.

Make margins adjustable within OpenOffice Writer using the ruler

The most simple and efficient method to set the margins of OpenOffice Writer is by using the horizontal ruler.

If you’re familiar with the rulers within Microsoft Word, you’ll find certain differences between OpenOffice the rulers used by Writer.

If you are unable to see any rulers in the view, you can enable them by opening the View menu, and then clicking on Ruler. OpenOffice makes use of the word Ruler, however it can open both rulers – the horizontal top ruler , and the vertical ruler that runs along to the left.

It is possible to see the margins that the document is currently in with a thin line at on the upper, lower and on both sides. If you are unable to notice the line, the margins may be adjusted to zero.

The ruler that is default that is included in OpenOffice Writer is a lighter hue than the background. You can hover your mouse over the left edge of the ruler horizontally until you notice the outline of dark vertical lines with an arrow that is pointing toward the middle in the text.

Mouse hovers over the end of rulers in order to change the edges.

Select the marker and drag it towards the back to the page until it’s the place you would like the margin of your document to appear. Repeat the same process on the other side, and drag it backwards until you get the margin exactly the way you want it to be.

To establish the bottom and top margins follow the same method for each end of the horizontal ruler.

If you wish for your page to be free of margins, simply hover over the top of your ruler to can see the margin marker, then drag it outward until it’s near the edge that the page. The line of light color that defines the margins won’t be visible if there are no margins in place.

Create OpenOffice Margins for the Writer via menus

Sometimes, you may require setting your margins to a particular dimension. For instance, you could be submitting your work to an editor that requires the margins at the top and bottom to be set at one inch, and the side margins to be set at half-an-inch.

If you are aware of what your margins ought to be then you are able to decide on your margins by in the menu.

  1. Select the Format menu, and then select Page ….
  2. A panel for settings will be displayed. It should show the margin options in the left corner of the panel. If not select the Page tab in the upper right of the panel of settings.
  3. To adjust the margins, add the settings you need for the top, bottom, left and right. They’ll be set with decimals. For instance, if you need a half-inch margin you’ll need to enter .5 and then use the tiny arrows to the right on the settings to alter the margin.

Make sure you confirm your work when you’re done.

Style panel for the Opening Page from the menu and sidebars in OpenOffice Writer.

Manage the OpenOffice Writer margins by through the sidebar

You can also define specific margins using the Sidebar. If you’re not seeing the sidebar, click the View menu in the upper right and select Sidebar.

If the Sidebar appears as an open-air panel and you’d prefer docking it to the right of the window it can be done by pressing the menu icon at the bottom corner of the screen (three horizontal lines, each with a an arrow that points downwards). Select dock from the available menu options.

To set the margins in the Sidebar you can either select the menu icon, and select Properties and then press the green symbol to launch the Properties panel. This will work if the panel is unlocked or docked.

Three sections are available of the Properties panel: Text, Paragraph and Page. You’ll require to access the Page section. If you only see those section titles and there are no settings, simply click on the plus next to page to access Page settings.

You’ll find four icons in the page section. They’re labeled Orientation Margin Size, Orientation and Column. Click on the Margin icon.

Sidebar in OpenOffice Writer.

A small window should be open in which you can enter the desired options for the top and bottom margins, as well as left and right margins.

In the panel you’ll see four different presets. Narrow reduces the margins of all four to one-half inch. Normal sets them all to .79″, just over 3/4″. The top and the bottom are set at one inch and the sides to 2 inches. The mirrored design sets both the top the bottom to 1 inch, and the sides up to 1.25 inches.

Set specific margins from OpenOffice Writer sidebar.

You can adjust the margins of your own by altering each of these presets. You can do this by clicking on the up or down arrows adjacent to the preset.

If you pay attention at the upper right edge within the Properties section (to the right of word Properties) You’ll notice the three dots. If you click on the dots, you’ll see the identical Page settings panel you had to access the menu option that we mentioned earlier.