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Intelliekon in English

”Are you trying to save energy at home?” – Almost everybody can answer this question with ”yes”. Although the intention to do so is not enough to save energy: the energy squanderers in a household need to be identified first, just as every person in the household needs to know which habits are unnecessarily energy-wasting and therefore cost-intensive, and how they can be im-proved. A while ago, a new technical possibility was developed to help people to save energy: Smart Meters that record when energy was used to the split second. After automatic meter reading, the data can be forwarded to the household occupants very soon after use – via internet, SMS, a message to a smart phone or by traditional post-age. In the Intelliekon project – an abbreviation for ”sustainable energy consumption with smart metering, communication and tariff systems“ – scientists wanted to determine whether energy can be saved by this type of feedback on electricity consumption. In a scientific project, researchers and energy utilities developed possibilities to communicate information on energy consumption back to the user, so-called feedback instruments, and examined the influence of the feedback on energy-related behavior of the participating households. With funding from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), a large field trial was conducted with over 2000 households to examine their behavior when feedback instruments were used and to gather valuable data on energy saving due to feedback and smart meters.


  • Which attitudes towards feedback and energy saving do people have?
  • How do participants use the offered web portal? (How often? How long? Which content do they favor?)
  • Is a time-dependent tariff an adequate incentive to shift the time of energy consumption?
  • What about the willingness to pay for feedback instruments?
  • Can energy savings be attained by feedback? (If yes: to which amount?)
  • What is the ecological effect that can be achieved by these energy savings (CO2 emissions)? What are the implications when these results are extrapolated to the federal German energy systems

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