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Final Program for Symposium

The conference Sustainable Consumption - Towards Action and Impact (6th - 8th November 2011 in Hamburg, Germany) will give the international and interdisciplinary scientific community an opportunity to present and discuss new research findings on sustainable consumption. The focus of the conference is on consumer behaviour, its social and cultural embeddedness, and its interdependencies with institutional, economic, physical and political frameworks.

One important topic of sustainable consumption is energy consumption in households. Among other approaches the so-called Smart Meter is often seen as an instrument to increase the energy efficiency in households. The visualisation and feedback on hourly and daily energy consumption is considered an innovative approach to change consumers‘ behaviour.

The thematic symposium “Do households save electricity through feedback based on Smart Metering systems?” aims to link current projects regarding the topics Smart Metering, feedback and savings potentials from various countries and to give scientists and practitioners the opportunity to exchange their experiences and insights in terms of feedback on energy consumption.

International contributions have been included in the final programm and promise an exciting exchange an discussion.

For participation please register at the conference under . we are looking forward to meeting you from 6th to 8th of November 2011 in Hamburg.


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