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Presentations of the scientific symposium

The thematic symposium “Do households save electricity through feedback based on Smart Metering systems?” aims to link current projects regarding the topics Smart Metering, feedback and savings potentials from various countries and to give scientists and practitioners the opportunity to exchange their experiences and insights in terms of feedback on energy consumption.

Thematic Symposium – Smart Metering I : Fieldtrial Findings

Household appropriation of electricity monitors
Greg Wallenborn ( Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles, BE ) • Marco Orsini ( ICEDD, Namur, BE ) • Jeremie Vanhaverbeke ( ICEDD, Namur, BE )

Smart metering pilot study with 345 customers of German municipal utility group MVV Energy
Annette Roser ( IREES GmbH, Karlsruhe, DE ) • Christian Schaefer ( MVV Energie AG, Mannheim, DE ) • Sebastian Gölz ( Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, DE ) • Joachim Globisch ( IREES GmbH, Karlsruhe, DE )

The relation between feedback use and energy saving – results from a large field trial in Germany and Austria
Sebastian Gölz
( Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, DE ) • Ulf Hahnel ( Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, DE ) • Konrad Götz ( ISOE, Frankfurt am Main, DE ) • Georg Sunderer ( ISOE, Frankfurt am Main, DE ) • Marian Klobasa ( Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe, DE ) • Joachim Schleich ( Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe, DE )

Ireland’s residential electricity smart meter trials
Joe Durkan
( Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Sligo, Co Sligo, IE )

Thematic Symposium – Smart Metering II : Perspectives Forward for Business/Legislation

Conclusions for households from a project with 14.000 train drivers and a 30 mio. Euro saving result
Heinrich Strößenreuther
( Verkehrs Innovations Partner, Berlin, DE )

Economic potential of smart electricity meters in German households
Anna Göddeke ( Frontier Economics, Köln, DE ) • Christoph Riechmann ( Frontier Economics, Köln, DE ) • Jens Perner ( Frontier Economics, Köln, DE ) • David Bothe ( Frontier Economics, Köln, DE )

Metering and informative billing in the proposal for the EU directive on energy efficiency
Krzysztof Gierulski
( European Commission, DG Energy, Brussels, BE )


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