Within Microsoft Word, how can I begin the page numbering process following on the initial page?

This guideline assumes that the document does not have page numbers. While existing page numbers might not cause problems however, it is recommended to save your document and eliminate all pages prior to following the steps listed in the following steps.

Beginning page numbers are on the second page

Page numbering to begin from the 2nd page:

Word 2007 for Windows

  1. In the Insert tab, under the „Header & Footer“ group select Page Number.
  2. Click at the Top of Page or Bottom of Page and Page Margins, based upon where you would like the page numbers to appear within your document.
  3. Select a page numbering style by browsing through the galleries of styles.
  4. In the Design tab, under the „Options“ group, choose Different First Page.

Other variations (Windows and Mac)

  1. Set your cursor to the first page. using the Insert menu select Page Numbers. ….
  2. Choose the alignment and position you prefer for the page numbers.
  3. Remove Show number from the first page, and Click Format ….
  4. Choose the desired format.
  5. Then, at the top of the screen Select Start at Then, select the number that is below what you would like your initial number of pages to appear (e.g. If you would like the page following the title page to be page one choose 0 as your starting page).
  6. Click OK three times to go back to Word.

Page numbers that begin on the first page can be found immediately after the initial page

To begin page numbering anyplace immediately after page one:

  1. Decide where you would like your page numbering page to start (e.g. page 4) and then put your cursor on the top of the previous page (e.g. 3.).
  2. For Word 2007, on in the Page Layout tab, in the „Page Setup“ group, choose Breaks. After that, in the drop-down menu, choose Next Page.Other versions that use Word for Windows, from the Insert menu, choose Break …. In the section called „Section break types“, choose Next Page, then click OK.

    If you are using Word 2007 or Word 2004 on Mac OS X, from the Insert menu, choose Break, and the Section Break (Next Page).

  3. Within Word 2007, on The View tab, under the „Document Views“ group, choose Print Layout.In the other versions, put your cursor over the next page. From the menu View, choose Header as well as Footer. In the toolbar, both Header and Footer toolbars should show up with various icons.
  4. If you would like to have the page number at in the upper right corner of your page be sure that you’re within the head. If you would like the page numbers at the bottom, move towards the footer. Select to switch from Header or Footer in order to toggle between the footer and header.Notice: In Word 2007 the option to toggle is found in the Design tab of the „Navigation“ group. When using different Windows versions, it’s located on the third row to the left side of the button to close. On Mac OS X, it is the fourth icon from that button. By hovering on the symbol for few minutes will display „Switch Between Header and Footer“.
  5. When you’re in the footer or header and you are in the header or footer, look for the same as previous and Link to Previous icons in the toolbar (or the Ribbon on the Ribbon in Word 2007.). It will sport an aesthetically different style in comparison to other icons since it’s already activated. (Again you can hover on the icon in order to reveal the name.)
  6. Click the Same as Previous button and Link To Previous remove it. This will separate the section’s headers and footers from the above. In all versions of Word, except Word 2007 remove your Header and Footer toolbars.
  7. In Word 2007, on the Insert tab in the „Header & Footer“ group choose Page Number and then select your preferred layout and alignment for page numbers.In the other versions, go to Menu Insert, choose Pages …, followed by select the preferred alignment and position to display the number of pages. Leave Show number on first page unchecked.
  8. For Word 2007, under Word 2007, in the „Header & Footer“ group Click and hold Page Number.In the other versions in all other versions, select the Format button …, followed by, in the „Page numbering“ section, select to start at.
  9. Choose the exact number that you’d like to use as your start number.
  10. Make sure to click OK before returning back to your document.

By following this method the document you choose to use should be free of page numbers before the place you have selected. In the future you may include page numbers in the beginning of your document without affecting your personal numbering. To change or restart your page numbers in an earlier point in this document, adhere to these steps.